Bringing you a range of award-winning kosher sushi rolls,

Hamachi Sushi Bar is proud to offer the North side of Chicago a variety of cuisines including vegetarian and vegan options.

Seared Pepper Yellowtail on Top of Cucumber Salad with Red Jalapeno, Ponzu Sauce and Chili Oil  13.95

Hamachi Tataki

Mexican Green Pepper Encrusted with Cornflake Crumbs and Stuffed with Salmon, Mushroom, Onion, Pepper and Cabbage, with Roasted Garlic Mayo, Red Pepper Sauce and Chili Oil  13.95

Sesame Coated Salmon Tempura, Spicy Tuna, Avocado, Topped with Avocado, Spicy Mayo, Ginger Mayo, Sweet Soy Sauce and Trio Flakes  16.95

Royal Russell

Poblano sausage

Call for dine-in, takeout, catering and delivery:

​(773) 293-6904

2801 W. HOWARD


Please note that Hamachi is only taking catering orders for March 4.

The restaurant is closed March 4 and 5. Happy Purim!